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Sulfur Studios provides affordable studio, exhibition and event space to Savannah's creative community.  

Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions


“Bs3” | Alexis Javier and Troy Wandzel

August 2- 10, 2019

The gallery at Sulfur Studios presented Bs3, an installation by Troy Wandzel and Alexis Javier. This is the third installment of the on-going collaborative Brainstorm series.

Bs3 is a multi-sensory installation project. The re-use and re-purposing of wood cutouts from the previous two iterations will show how the same material can be manipulated, installed, and exhibited in a variety of ways. New elements will be added to provoke memory and potential passages that the work can travel.


July 23-28th 2019

The gallery at Sulfur Studios presented “Pedal,” a solo exhibition of paintings and collages by Heather MacRae. The artist’s recent work utilizes pornography as its source material and engages in concepts of liberation, self-expression, understanding and inclusion, in this often taboo platform. Rather than a system of oppression, the artist contends that her subject matter has the ability to open pathways to positive sexual exploration for a myriad of identities.



"Homespun" group exhibition

July 11th - 20th 2019

Sulfur Studios presented Homespun, a show about feminine handiwork and the woman artists who embrace and explore this tradition in regards to home, memory, and the deterioration of those ideas. Featured artists include: Emily Nola, Madison Kline, Emily Renee Stockwell, Allie Mosley, Alison Lopez and Sarah Mabry. Homespun is curated by Christian Miguel Gutierrez.

Home | a member exhibition

June 27th - July 6th, 2019

For Sulfur Studios’ Members Exhibition, artists were prompted to respond to the idea of ‘home’ — Does the word ‘home’ represent a specific building or a specific place or is it the people we surround ourselves with, by choice or by chance? What does it mean to have a home and safe haven, and what does it mean to be without this basic need?

I'm Always Coming Home.jpg

I’m Always Coming Home | Jeremiah Jossim

June 6th - 15th, 2019

Oil paintings by Jeremiah Jossim made over the last 2 years. These works explore the architecture of home and the importance of the land to our personal sense of place.


Re:Present | Farzaneh Nozari

May 31st - June 2nd

In Re:Present, Nozari examines the primitive energy that is submerged beneath the layers of the cultural desire to decorate the body. Metal, fine materials, and a dedication to skilled craftsmanship has always been her primary focus. Through these techniques, Nozari seeks to revive traditional jewelry codes in the contemporary jewelry field to increase appreciation for fine materials that adorn the body and to express the beauty of traditional jewelry forms that serve to identify personality and status.

Abysm | Zihan Yang

May 31st - June 2nd

Yang’s work is driven by personal psychology and a fascination with the subconscious. She focuses on personal reflections and definitions of the darkness of human nature through traditional formal elements of jewelry. For Yang, the beauty of being human is not only facing the dark side of this inner world but more importantly how to bravely restrain and lock this darkness in the abyss. This exhibition is a bridge for audiences to begin the process of self-reflection in order to face their fear of primal human nature.


Parallel | Paige Bennett Black

May 24th - 25th, 2019

“Parallel” is a photographic body of work that investigates time as the universal system of exchange. Money is a representation of tangible time that is collectable, transferable and storable. Utilizing time-dependent photo processes this work creates a parallel currency to represent the relationship.

The Remains.jpg

The Remains | Qiuxin Mao

May 15th - 18th, 2019

“The Remains,” an exhibition by award-winning illustrator Qiuxin Mao, features a body of work that examines the juxtaposition of people, time, and other entities. Through examining the world from a different perspective, she hopes to recall her dreams through her art. For Qiuxin, these works are an expression of amazement toward the never-ceasing splendor of the cosmic world through the eyes of a curious wanderer who hopes to explore and grasp its fleeting beauty.

Edges of Savannah.jpg

Edges of Savannah | Yao Wang

May 9th - May 11th

As a Chinese artist who has lived in the United States for seven years, Edges of Savannah reflects Wang’s visual impressions of the borders of the city of Savannah from a hybrid perspective that reveals the socio-economic landscape through the lens of cross-cultural interpretation.

 Wang’s photographic work focuses on the urban landscape and social culture in the Southern United States. About his work, he says, “photography as an art form is one of the most effective ways to communicate and educate, because photographs are inherently realistic visual documents that can reflect both truthful information and the ideas and attitudes of the photographer.” Edges of Savannah is comprised of three parts that include documentation of neighborhoods at the margins of the city, the industrialized landscape, and night photography. Collectively these images translate moments of transition between city and suburb, residential areas and industrial places, and day and night.



May 2nd - 4th, 2019

/SAVWÄR 'FER/ is an immersive art experience that aims to explore our own culture, race, sexuality, and gender; drawing from our spiritual and ancestral roots in an effort to expose the lesser seen aspects of ones self. GIRLS FADED aims to be an inclusive art collective comprised of CiCi Renée, Alison Lopez, and Jadyn Coolidge and Max Pollak.

Whisper song.jpg


April 25 - 27th

Sulfur Studios presented an M.F.A. exhibition by Siqiao Lui.

In This Skin.jpg

In This Skin | Kendra Kummerer

April 18th - 20th

In This Skin explores feminine identity by reproducing found images of women. Kummerer pulled from historical paintings and current images all depicting idealized beauty and sexuality. By distorting the image using bright colors, large globs of paint and kitschy craft materials the work becomes a playful approach to the subject. Whether it is a historical European painting, pornography or an advertisement the women’s counter part is the male gaze thus reducing her to an object. The female image has often been characterized by the idea that a woman is available for the pleasure of the viewer; passive and aware of her part. In this work, the normally vulnerable subject takes the gaze back from the beholder by staring directly at the viewer. The paintings are not classically rendered, attempting to delineate perfection, but instead show a messy process that superimposes beauty and crudeness to depict the true exploration of the female self.


Topocene | Coleman Camp

April 11th - 13th, 2019

“Topocene” by Coleman Camp addresses the current state of land and human’s engagement with it. 

This land is our land. Our house, our home, our mother grown old. It has shed itself for us, now only bearing the cost of freedom. Where have you been in this? What are you doing for tomorrow?

TONDO IN TOTO | Spring national juried exhibition

March 21st - April 6th

For our Spring national juried exhibition, artists were invited to submit work in a circular format.  TONDO IN TOTO” features work in a range of media that considers the conceptual and compositional challenges of working within a circle.

Featured Artists: Vanessa Withun, A. Drew Odum, Hank Woodward, Nina Fromal, Christina Colon, June Ford, Sarah Rostamo, Shayla Wigand, Lind Hollingsworth, Michele Perez, Ken Klehm, Will Wright, John Ryan, and Jeromy Ross


Possibilities V | a group exhibition

March 14th - March 16th, 2019

Sulfur Studio presented “Possibilities V”: an exhibition of experimental digital printmaking.

Featured Artists: Adam Hipps, Allison Revelle, David Dong, Erin White, Grant Kelly, Jonathan Artieda, Raquel Noriega, Yaniurka Pedroza, Yao Wang, Craig Stevens

Discovering the Unknown.jpg

Discovering the Unknown | Nikita Nagpal

March 7th - March 9th, 2019

“We are enveloped in a world of creation where we see through the lens of materials. Materials do not just service an idea rather they lead to many ideas. Discovering the Unknown features a series of horsehair wall panels. In all the artworks, each horse hair has undergone immense transformation by various processes like twisting, knotting and bending.”

Call for Memories.jpg

Call for Memories | a group show curated by Chelsea Voss

February 28th - March 2nd, 2019

Taking inspiration from Nicolas Bourriand’s manifesto on relational aesthetics, Call for Memories subverts the object-based art scene by offering an interactive experience. As a group meditation on the life events that define us, the exhibit asks participants to reflect upon those memories that define them--whether they are painful, beautiful, or a combination thereof.


I DON’T MIND | Sarah Mabry

February 22nd - February 23rd, 2019

"I DON'T MIND" is a body of work that confronts the unhealthy ways that people deal with grief. The works are comprised of cellular structures of life-threatening illnesses that have taken away or impacted the lives of those closest to the artist. The images are reconstructed to look like non-objective abstract paintings in an attempt to hide what they truly are.

Civilized Nature.jpg

Civilized Nature | Yi Lu

February 14th- 16th, 2019

As human civilization develops, people have come to dominate the landscape. Landscaping has been an important part of human history for a long time. People have made efforts to shape their environment into an attractive display. The passion for landscaping and the enthusiasm for controlling the natural environment appeared in the past when humans started to learn and interact with nature and the landscape, promoting a pleasing relationship between humans and nature. Most of the subjects in this body of work communicate a sense of strangeness. They are often overlooked by people, but my photographs reveal that people are passionate about modifying the natural environment. By documenting the controlled natural environment in our surroundings, this body of work explores how modified trees and bushes and indoor plants reflect human culture, how we understand the landscape, and how we appreciate and control nature. 


SOFT | A Sculpture Exhibition

January 17th - February 2nd, 2019

Sulfur Studios invited artists to submit work for our winter nation-wide call for entry exhibition SOFT: A Sculpture Exhibition. Artists were prompted: How does working in soft materials affect the presence and impact of sculptural forms? What can be gained/what is compromised when rigidity is abandoned for flexibility?

 Featured Artists: Sarina Angell, Kelly Boehmer, Kevin Clancy, Becca Cook, Doris Grieder, Antonia Larkin, Lindsay Obermeyer, Shannon Owen, Blaine Steiner and Hannah Surace

ON::VIEW Year::One

January 3rd - 12th, 2019

"ON::VIEW Year::One", an exhibition celebrating the first year of residencies at Sulfur Studios.

Featuring work from each of our residents in 2018: Troy Wandzel, Honor Hall and Gregory Eltringham, Rob Hessler, Anya Mitchell, Page Laughlin, Becky Slivinsky, Michelle Quick, Lisa D. Watson, Annika Pettersson, Craig Deppen Auge, and Nicholas Silberg