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Nicholas Silberg - Dearest Savannah

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Nicholas Silberg - Dearest Savannah

The power of the printed word, deliberate in nature, takes time in its revolution. Handwritten letters are personal and tangible because of the time and intimate process of drawing out each and every character. Handprinted ephemera much like handwritten letters can provide the same genuine experience. Unlike word processing where an entire paragraph or more of composition can be eradicated with a swift highlight and a backspace, this is not the case with handset type since it is hard to redistribute what has already been set in and inked.

 “Dearest Savannah” is a adlib patchwork of words, phrases, and sayings about our community, printed by the artist and walk-in community participants. The prints will be assembled and reassembled as the living letter to our dearest Savannah growing over the course of the residency. The studio will be transformed into a letterpress print shop complete with woodtype, presses, ink, paper and other printing accoutrements. The space will provide an opportunity for participants to engage with the artist and equipment to find the words to express how we feel about our community. Participants will build upon what has already been said bring to light common themes of what we say about the place in which we live.

 Following an interaction with the space and the printing process participants will be able to take a print of what they set with them as a reminder of what they have said. Participants are invited to come and print anytime the artist is present in the space.

About Nicholas:

Nicholas Silberg is a Teaching Artist, Professor and Department Chair at Savannah State University where he is responsible for among other things teaching the Printmaking curriculum. He is highly involved with the Ashantilly Press Project in Darien, Georgia where he teaches handset type and relief classes. Recently, he has helped to reopen a letterpress teaching space at the Pioneer Settlement for the Arts in Barberville, Florida. Nicholas holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design. Nicholas has received winter residencies from Penland School of Crafts, and has recently chaired a conference panel entitled “Slinging Ink in the South.” Nicholas has shown work nationally and internationally with work in several permanent collections.

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