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Annika Pettersson - Remix Resolution

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Annika Pettersson - Remix Resolution

During the one-month residency at Sulfur Studios jeweler Annika Pettersson will be working on the project titled: “Remix Resolution”. This project takes its inspiration from the remix culture that was first developed by end of the 20th century and has evolved ever since. "Remix" generally refers to the practice of recombining pre-existing media content.

Remix, in whatever form or medium in which it is implemented, is concerned with recordings. It is founded on the appropriation of existing media content and it manipulates this recorded data to fabricate new products or content.

Every element in a remix has been derived and copied from something else, it is a process requiring the act of copying. The result is not just a faithful reproduction but somewhat different and original in its own right.

Pettersson aims to produce new and interesting products by recycling already existing media and content. The “Remix resolution” project examines concepts of originality, innovation, authority, simulation, plagiarism, repetition, and inauthenticity.

The “Remix Resolution” project can be divided into four different parts:

Part 1 - In search of new parts

The web is full of available content just waiting to be used. As a jeweler Pettersson has found an unlimited amount of predesigned CAD-files that are accessible for free on the web. Today we are able to download the world's culture and transform it into something different. Part 1 contains of collecting free, pre-made Cad-files to build up a library of content to use.

Part 2 - Change of shape and aesthetic

Once the library has been creating its time to start to remix the content to create new content. By modifying and remixing the collected CAD-files in various programs Petersson will utilize mashup, remix, and and collage practices as new and original ways of creating and distributing information.

Part 3 - Print and analysis

As a new remixed object has been digitally created it will be 3d-printed. Once the 3d-printer has finished the jewel will be analyzed, evaluated, and possibly redesigned and then printed again.

Part 4 - Discussion and conversation

This project is based on the underlying values of originality, innovation, uniqueness, artistry, creativity and hard work. To further develop these thoughts Pettersson aims to organize discussions in the form of remix-talks. Pettersson sees this as a way of connecting to the local community and a way to tap into the knowledge, experience, opinions, and behaviors of those individuals that are around Sulfur studios.

Artist Bio

Annika Pettersson was born in Karlskrona, Sweden in 1981. She works predominantly in the field of contemporary jewelry. Through her work Pettersson explores traditional jewelry though a reinterpretation of classical shapes. Her work is distorted and developed though intimate material knowledge. Pettersson’s work embodies a sublime touch and the transcendent nature of jewelry.

She completed her MFA with distinction in 2009 and completed a one-year research project in 2017 at Konstfack University in Stockholm, Sweden. Pettersson has participated in numerous group exhibitions on an international scale and she has been awarded several prestigious grants. She is currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

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