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Karina Rosenstein - "I Bleed All the Time and I'm Fine: Social Practice & Menstruation"

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Karina Rosenstein - "I Bleed All the Time and I'm Fine: Social Practice & Menstruation"

Project Description

“If we can’t talk about menstruation, how can we possibly make productive noise about menstrual culture and its interventions?”

During her time as artist in residence, Karina Rosenstein will be executing two differentiated but related social practice projects that thoughtfully investigate contemporary menstrual issues. The first of these projects, Menstruation for President, involves launching a faux political campaign with some of the key trappings of a real one: merchandise, canvassing, and a campaign office. The goals for this campaign are to bring visibility to menstruation, encourage people to talk about it, educate the public on contemporary domestic and global issues surrounding menstruation and period poverty, and advocate for political goals tied to actual legislation. In using the medium of a political campaign, Rosenstein attempts to capitalize on the spectacle of the concurrent presidential campaigns to make grassroots organizing around menstruation more palatable.

The second social practice project, Menstruation Confidant, is a lot more demure. Volunteers will be given “menstruation confidant” patches to wear, and are free to carry out their confidant duties as they wish, as long as they realize the goal of the project - to make those around them aware that they are willing to listen to whatever menstrual stories people want to share with them. For the sake of intimacy, none of the interactions between participants and volunteers will be recorded, but a summary of the volunteers' experience will be compiled in a zine.

About the Artist

Karina Rosenstein is an artist and designer currently pursuing an MFA in Fibers at SCAD. Her work stems from intersectional feminist theory and has touched on issues of consent, agency, respectability, protest, connection, and recently, menstruation. She executes her ideas through well-crafted fibers objects, utilizing mediums such as sewing, weaving, knitting, embroidery, upholstery, and more. Currently, she is working on expanding her practice to include socially-engaged art. She is looking forward to presenting her MFA thesis in March of 2020.

Important Dates:

Open Studio Hours: Saturdays from noon – 5PM

Community Potluck: Saturday, October 19th from 5 – 7PM – a chance to meet the artist as well as other artists and studio renters at Sulfur Studios. Bring a dish or drinks to share or just bring yourself!

Special Event: Saturday, October 26th @ 5:30PM - “Talking About Periods,” a facilitated conversation about menstruation and the experience and perception of it, hosted by Karina Rosenstein

First Friday Viewing & Reception: November 1st from 6 – 9PM