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Jemma Castiglione - Tintype Portraits

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Jemma Castiglione - Tintype Portraits

About “Tintype Portraits”

Over two years ago, a younger Jemma could be found creating tintypes out of the back of her Accord. The production back then involved scraping together odd materials and a toy Holga camera. During this residency, she will expand this process into a month long experimentation of tintype portraiture. Community is one of the most rewarding parts of the photographic medium. People are connecting over mutual visual interests daily. We are united through the camera as a device of capturing reality. There is an interest in older photographic methods like tintype but the education just isn’t around or practiced by enough people to be readily available. Throughout the length of this residency, Jemma will be creating around 30 tintypes in pursuit of spreading the importance of traditional photographic art.

Open Studio Hours: Thursdays & Fridays from 12 - 4:30PM and Saturdays from 1 - 5:30PM

Jemma will be scheduling portrait sessions for the following time slots:

Thursdays & Fridays: 12 - 1:30PM // 1:30 - 3PM // 3 - 4:30PM

Saturdays: 1 - 2:30PM // 2:30 - 4PM // 4 - 5:30PM


Tintype Workshop: February 23rd at 2PM - For those who do not want their picture taken but want to see the process of how a tintype is made.

About the Artist

From the start, Jemma Castiglione has always held an enthusiasm for creating a visual story in her photography. This has been evidenced in personal projects as well as in the many collaborations she has been a part of. She is practiced in traditional mediums as well as possessing an extensive practical knowledge. Her most prominent work lies in the personal narratives of the people she comes across, whether that hits close to home or as an outsider looking in.

To see more of Jemma’s work please visit: