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Sulfur Studios provides affordable studio, exhibition and event space to Savannah's creative community.  

Sick Din // Romantic Thriller // +1 more TBA

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Sick Din // Romantic Thriller // +1 more TBA

Sick Din is an otherworldly vocal experience that you can dance or cry to. Sick Din is the solo pop music personae by the avant-garde musician and multi-media visual artist Bethany Dinsick. A homemade DIY pop princess: she art directs edits, makes the costumes for, and performs in psychedelic music videos via YouTube. Her music is vocal driven which includes electronic samples created with her voice and live vocal manipulation. She is currently based in Brooklyn after years performing in the Baltimore arts scene. She has been performing alone for over 10 years, has been an active performer in collaborative pieces, has self-released 5 albums, and is releasing a new full length album in 2017.


omantic Thriller is that feeling when you lose track of time daydreaming about light fixtures that could transform your bedroom into a lost hallway in Sleep No More. Or when you are just about to fall asleep and you wake suddenly just before tumbling down a staircase in a hotel...with weird 70s carpet. When you find a broken iPhone 3 in a desk drawer that belonged to an old fling, someone with perfect hair that you should have probably never met. Maybe you thought it was time to drive up to the hills, to the campgrounds at night, in the winter when no one is camping and the chilled air and dark forest causes you to ponder what it might be like to live in a time when ghosts were around, always alone and searching for a doorway… Maybe you saw an old movie on TCM and admired the light fixtures and ambience. You planned to go on eBay and purchase all of the best vintage chandeliers and goosenecked desk lamps but you always forget and besides, you don’t have a foyer.

Romantic Thriller is spooky, loquacious synth pop music by Rebecca Huston of Brooklyn NY.