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Sulfur Studios provides affordable studio, exhibition and event space to Savannah's creative community.  

ON::VIEW Artist Residency - Community Potluck

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ON::VIEW Artist Residency - Community Potluck

Join us in welcoming our current Artist-in-Resident Craig Deppen Auge! Bring a snack or drink to share, or just bring yourself and learn about Craig's project INTERVALS.

About the ON::VIEW Artist-in-Residency Program:

To bolster our ongoing mission to provide a vibrant and supportive home for Savannah's creative community, Sulfur Studios now offers the new ON::VIEW Artist-in-Residency Program. The Residency provides free, high visibility studio space to an artist to complete a 4-week, site-specific project that engages the community. Residents are encouraged to meet the public and share their practice during special events and studio visits, and to utilize the large windows facing Bull Street to incite the curiosity of people as they pass by at any time of day or night. Instagram: @onviewresidency

INTERVALS Statement by Craig Deppen Auge: 

The book and collage can be metaphors for life’s journey; pages and layers conveying time experienced. INTERVALS will expand on Auge’s existing collage practice, utilizing rhythmic, coded and abstracted vocabularies to explore alternative book art. During the 4-week residency, simple bookmaking techniques will be distilled and/or deconstructed to produce sculptural forms. These forms, along with 2D work incorporating collage, drawing, painting and print processes, will develop into a cohesive installation. Playful experimentation between color, texture, pattern and geometry will merge with subtle, narrative photographic elements. Within these combinations, INTERVALS will examine concepts of personal and universal journey. Works will ponder the intersection of ethereal dreamscape and architectural landscape. INTERVALS will highlight inner spaces and interspaces, individual moments and the places in-between, that constitute a collective sense of reality. Quick-shifting segments of imagery may not be immediately recognizable, but in some way are familiar. 

The rhythm of the work will be directly informed by the very days and moments spent at Sulfur Studios. Passersby can be present with the artist’s meditative process of collage and bookmaking; cut, fold, arrange, collate, paste, bind, repeat. Using a mixture of acquired print sources, hand-altered paper, canvas, and fabric, surprising moments of unity and contrast, of harmony and dissonance, will be revealed. Auge will incorporate locally sourced ephemera and found materials as much as possible. There will be opportunities during the residency for the community to add visual components to the work. The community will be invited to share specific memories, project imagined futures, or simply take a few moments to indulge in a bit of creative play. Auge will keep the process of making open for improvisation and spontaneity in response to the city and site. 

Additionally, Auge aims to publish a collaborative, limited edition zine toward the end of the program. The Zine will prove as record of the monthlong creative interval. A drop-in workshop will be offered to learn how to make small format books and zines so the community can be empowered to self-publish and utilize these processes in their own creative endeavors.