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Sulfur Studios provides affordable studio, exhibition and event space to Savannah's creative community.  

"Judgment Day Circus" - Puppet shows! at 3PM & 7PM

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"Judgment Day Circus" - Puppet shows! at 3PM & 7PM

"Judgment Day Circus" - A spirited spectacle of poetry & puppetry

Written, Directed, and Designed by Emily Laychak/Eoley Mulally


Miss Fortune: Taylor Monette
Narrator: Skippy Spiral
Angel: Eoley Mulally
Devil: Elaina Valore
Sun: Max Von
Moon: Becca Cook
Star: Emily Jane
Evangelist: Jordan Harner
Strongman/alchemist: Chase Wilkinson
Lion/World: Nadia Meyers
Monk: Ty Thompson
Maat: Jhovana Aguilar
Shadow, right: Noel Music
Shadow, left: Bobby Shock
Piano: J. Centrella
Woodwork: J. Centrella and Bill Bruns

About "Judgment Day Circus":

Drawing from archetypes, myths, symbols, and dichotomies, "Judgment Day Circus" is a puppet production inspired by the chaos and reigning spiritualities of our times. During this residency, multi-media artist Emily Laychak will create and direct a theater of clowns performing a poetic review of our collective process from Genesis to Judgment Day. A variety of local artists are cast in holy roles of revelation, along with a diverse range of puppet styles including marionette, marotte, carnival, shadow, and moving toys, framed by custom constructed scenery and stages.

Final Performances: Saturday, April 6th at 3PM and 7PM

About the Artist:

Emily Laychak recently returned to 3D art, installation, and performance after having devoted years to a quiet, daily pen & ink practice. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she's lived and grown creatively in New Orleans where her art school education focus in sculpture was unearthed last summer while assisting teaching a class in Carnival Sculpture and Toy Design. Emily processes Everything through art in all forms from fashion to poetic manifestos, illustration to music - viewing it all as equally spiritual and hyper-earthly engagement, often exploring dark themes and fears with a light heart and gentle doodle.