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ON::VIEW Open Studio with Jennifer Lee Hallsey

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ON::VIEW Open Studio with Jennifer Lee Hallsey

Body Out of Order Statement:

To be ‘relational’ can only be understood in terms of the connected interactions between individuals or groups of people.  In this context the art form takes on a different connotation and becomes a relationship between individuals around an object.  ‘Art’ is a vehicle and the objects themselves become the language for an encounter to occur.  When discussing the function of art, art should not only be assessed aesthetically as object. It should be considered in terms of the relationships it establishes through these encounters.  The value lies not in the material itself, but rather in the connected interactions we have around the objects; the form itself.

Residency Mission/Proposal

My work exists as a discussion of and about process. Authenticity, aura, value, degradation, and entropy are concepts explored. I am captivated by what is lost, what is gained, and what changes. The form is no longer the object(s) presented, but the relationships between each step.  The work created during the residency program will explore a poststructural analysis of appropriated text, water-based mixed media, and the significance of scale with the human body as a standard of measurement. Small, prayer-style books will be constructed of cut-up method prose and the subsequent text will be transferred to the residency window using vinyl decals, building and degrading over time.

About the Artist:

Jennifer Lee Hallsey grew up in central Maine but moved south to explore the mysticism of Spanish moss and snowless Februaries. She earned her MFA in 2016 from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a jewelry and body adornment focus. Jennifer currently works as an artist and a professor in Savannah, Georgia.

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