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Silent Meditation with Maggie Hayes

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Silent Meditation with Maggie Hayes

From June 24th - 30th Maggie will be sitting in silent meditation in the space as part of her ongoing Residency project, “Unconditional love will break down the hierarchy of oppression,” and the public is invited to sit with her during the times specified below.

"Unconditional love will break down the hierarchy of oppression" – Project Statement

This residency will center around the benefits and necessity of moving towards a global community that must be founded on the basis of non-judgment and unconditional love, allowing us to move into horizontal relationship with one another and eliminating the need for the current vertical hierarchy that can only continue to exist through systematic discrimination, injustice, and exploitation. My research has focused on the teachings of Anneke Lucas, creator of the Unconditional Model and Liberation Prison Yoga, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Thich Nhat Hanh, Carolyn Myss, and Anodea Judith, among many others, along with my own experiential understandings from breathwork and spiritual practice. I will be creating a mixed media installation to make the ON::VIEW Residency windows into an altar for everyone to be aided in realizing and recovering the loving nature within themselves. I will also be undergoing a personal transformation towards more deeply embodying my own loving nature as well, through the process of a 7 day silent meditation and fast, taking place as a performance inside of the ON::VIEW Residency space. This will be the first time I have undertaken something quite like this, and I welcome the unknown and unpredictable aspects of personal transformation and interpersonal interactions that may occur while holding this space. The idea is that I will be emptying myself of attachments and illusions in order to continue to cultivate and more skillfully use the healing force of unconditional love in the world, to more effectively implement that force for social and political change.

Guests are encouraged to visit the space throughout, including during the meditation period, in which they are welcome and invited to interact with the installation and though I will be in meditation and not able to speak, we may sit with each other and experience the mutual warmth, comfort and support of simply being amongst one another in fellowship.

To receive ourselves as worthy of love, despite whatever flaws we may perceive ourselves to have, despite whatever trauma and abuse we have experienced, despite whatever mistakes or misguided actions we have taken, is truly transformative. When we can extend this generosity of spirit to ourselves, we are then able to share that generosity with the rest of mankind and all life forms. I want to thread together this potential change of heart and dramatic shift of values with the history of marching for freedom and the taking the healing power of music down to the essence of its most fundamental vibrations, the heart beat and the breath.

Silent Meditation: June 24th - 30th - Public is welcome from 10AM – 6PM

Photos welcome, visitation welcome, there will be printed information expressing the mission and process of the performance on site, as well as books and art to browse.

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