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Sulfur Art Services provides consultation and professional art installation for restaurants, offices and vacation rentals.  We represent a wide range of Artist working in the greater Savannah area.  Sulfur Art Services is a sister company to Sulfur Studios, a community art space located in Savannah's Starland District.

Upcoming Exhibitions

SUGA presents: "CROPPED" - Garden Photography Show & Community Workshop
to Aug 16

SUGA presents: "CROPPED" - Garden Photography Show & Community Workshop

Savannah Urban Garden Alliance (SUGA) will host an art show and four-night film series in August introducing the community to urban gardening concepts and providing information on opportunities for community involvement in local gardens.

The events will begin on Saturday, August 12 with a workshop, “Sow Thyme, Reap Benefits: Garden & Volunteer Workshop”. Following the workshop, will be the opening reception of “CROPPED” a photo exhibit featuring a series of farmer photos curated by Mixed Greens, an interactive map of local community gardens and seed planting activities for children. The show will continue through Wednesday, August 16th. 

Free and Open to the Public - come get involved with Community Gardens!!

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"The Creative Mixture of Art" Curated by Siyi Qian
to Aug 6

"The Creative Mixture of Art" Curated by Siyi Qian

"The Creative Mixture of Art" will be held by Siyi Qian who is majoring in Business Design and Arts Leadership at Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD). This exhibition will showcase 30 artworks from two SCAD Graduate students, Hanting Zhang and Siqiao Liu, who are majoring in Painting. Hanting Zhang’s pop mixture portraits combine the western and eastern cultures to use superheroes as subject to uphold justice. Siqiao Liu’s mixed media paintings combine different cultures and art forms to show femininity through charming, confident, and beautiful women bodies. They combine the different art forms and the different cultures to present an excellent mixture of contemporary art and traditional art. 

Exhibition Dates:
Friday, Opening Reception, August 4, 2017: 5 pm- 9 pm
Saturday, Gallery Hours, August 5, 2017: 11 am- 5 pm
Sunday, Gallery Hours, August 6, 2017: 11 am- 5 pm

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"Partial Recall: An Installation"  by Samantha Delaney
to Jul 30

"Partial Recall: An Installation" by Samantha Delaney


Samantha creates work inspired by the unsolicited recall of memory. Through exploration of the materiality of photography, video projection, sound and smell, Samantha creates multi sensorial environments which materialize this phenomenon. She believes in the beauty of the mundane aspects of life- these quotidian moments have a magical, sublime ability to transport us to a particular time and place, emotion or sensation.

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Pieced Together
to Jul 1

Pieced Together

"Pieced Together" is on display at Sulfur Studios from June 15th - July 1st.

Participating Artists:

Raul Barquet

Holger Becker

Andrew Brodhead

Rachel Bruya

Mary Carter

Bridget Conn

Diane Davis

Evelyn M. Davis-Walker

Nathan Dixon

Nicole Erthein

Nina Fraser

Eleni Gemeni

Emily Hadland

Laurie Kanyer

Blythe King

Jonathan Lee

Melanie Mills

Samantha Morris

Elmer Ramos

Sabine Remy

Lindsay Satchell

Maggie Savage

Abby Schmidt

Sherry Trachtman

Rhonda Undang

Kenny Ward

Peg Weschke

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Degradation of Memory - by Shelby Leigh Beatty
to Jun 3

Degradation of Memory - by Shelby Leigh Beatty

“Degradation of Memory” is an exhibition of works exploring how we, as humans, perceive memory and how we utilize photography as a means of expanding our memory beyond what it is actually capable of.  Photography seems to be a great method of 'memory' until you want to taste, smell or hear something from another time, and are left with only images.  By use of experimental printmaking, deterioration of imagery and use of foreign language and dialects, Shelby delves into what she perceives as conscious memory and how she remembers certain aspects of her recent life.

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Possibilities Deux
to May 28

Possibilities Deux

An Exhibit of Experimental Digital Printmaking


Featuring Work by:

Mona Bozorgi * Shelby Beatty * Jon Pulse * Kayloni Bates * Roderic O'Connor * Madison Gibbs * Anakin Yeung * Mattie Ott * Sam WIlliams * Karen Davies * Andrea Mora * Claire Newcomer * Craig Stevens

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