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Sulfur Studios provides affordable studio, exhibition and event space to Savannah's creative community.  

BSRising (BrainstormRising)

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BSRising (BrainstormRising)

In October of 2016, Troy Wandzel and AJ Perez came together to facilitate an art installation/collaboration titled "ABrainStorm" that asked all walks of life to participate by lending their "voice" in whatever medium, to the overall outcome of the project. This project was interrupted by Hurricane Matthew as well, which one may say, lent its own voice to the final display.
This installation was about a shared process, how working together to create a space that is a reflection of our collective spirit has the power to unify the diverse languages that make up our community. 

Just over it's 1 yr anniversary, #BSRising is the next installment of an ongoing installation which will include Emile Fu as another co-creator. Emile, Troy and AJ will be using all the same materials from last years project and ONLY those materials. Their goal is to reinterpret the "diverse languages" by reconfiguring the "collective voice" and how it interacts in the same space but with new vision.

Opening Reception: Friday, November 17th from 6 - 9PM