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Sulfur Studios provides affordable studio, exhibition and event space to Savannah's creative community.  

"Bs3" by Troy Wandzel & Alexis Javier

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"Bs3" by Troy Wandzel & Alexis Javier

The gallery at Sulfur Studios presents Bs3, an installation by Troy Wandzel and Alexis Javier, with the reception in conjunction with August First Friday on August 2nd from 6 - 9PM. Bs3 is the third installment of the on-going collaborative Brainstorm series.

Bs3 is a multi-sensory installation project. The re-use and re-purposing of wood cutouts from the previous two iterations will show how the same material can be manipulated, installed, and exhibited in a variety of ways. New elements will be added to provoke memory and potential passages that the work can travel.

Bs3 introduces the use of projectors to help create an immersive environment that further explores our sensibilities using sound and light. Utilizing the audio from past footage, conversations and ambient noise will be layered and edited to enhance the audience experience. Shadows will play a key role in this exploration as video footage and still images from the previous installments will be projected upon 3 different points in the gallery, looping 3 different visuals, allowing for shadows to be cast from the light interacting with the wood cutouts. The juxtaposition of past installations projected into the same space creates a world where the past, present, and future co-exist. These layers add to the multidimensional experience. In this rendition of Brainstorm, Bs3 will be the final installment of the series in The Gallery at Sulfur Studios, with the intention for it to expand and evolve out of the space that it had originated.

- History of Brainstorm -

BrainStorm (2016): A Community Collaboration
This installation is about a shared process and how working together to create an environment that is a reflection of our collective spirit has the power to unify the diverse languages that make up our community.

BrainstormRising (2017): With Guest Artist Emile Fu
Emile, Troy and Alexis used the same material from the previous project (BrainStorm) and ONLY those materials. Their goal was to reinterpret the diverse languages from the collective voice and how they can interact in the same space but with new vision and direction.

Bs3 is on display from August 2nd – 10th and may be seen during Sulfur Studios’ regular business hours Thursday – Saturday from noon – 5PM or by appointment.

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