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"Vorgeschichte:  ut a chao" by Kench Lott

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"Vorgeschichte: ut a chao" by Kench Lott

Vorgeschichte:  ut a chao

This series of work explores the relationship between order and chaos, and the significance of the two.

The German word Vorgeschichte can be translated directly to “Prehistory” and is also synonymous with the creation myth and the start of the universe. “Ut a chao” translates from Latin to “from order to chaos”. We usually hear the term “from chaos to order”; which is valid in its own right. Throughout history there has been a series of patterns. From chaos to order, and from order to chaos. This occurrence holds true in all aspects of life (physically, metaphorically and sociologically). Societal examples would be that of nation states merging into unions and vise versa.

Complete order is authoritarian, complete chaos is destructive. Moderate amounts of the two is beneficial. Some order creates structure; while some chaos creates a level of unpredictably. The human condition tends to seek a middle path.

About the Artist

Kench Lott is an American artist residing in Savannah, Georgia. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Savannah State University and a Master of Fine Arts at Georgia Southern University. Primarily a three-dimensional artist, he creates art across many disciplines. His work challenges the viewer’s sense of space and depth.