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Sulfur Studios provides affordable studio, exhibition and event space to Savannah's creative community.  

Drive Thru Art Box Currently On View

The Drive Thru Art Box at Green Truck Pub

The Drive Thru Art Box was started in 2012 by Matt Hebermehl, James Zdaniewski and Mike Williams as part of the SeeSAW (See Savannah Art Walls) Project, a public arts initiative. Sulfur Studios is proud to continue this unique way of presenting public art to the local community.

The Drive Thru Art Box is always on view at 2430 Habersham St. To have your work featured in the box visit our call for proposals here.

Currently on view:

Artist Statement

In her fibers work Jennifer explores the intersection of traditional textile patterns and unexpected materials. In this installation a traditional American weaving pattern has been translated into a cut vinyl stencil and applied to the windows of the Drive Through Art Box. Inside the box Moss has installed cotton fabric that has been dyed a deep green, a color that is notoriously fugitive – meaning it fades easily in direct sun.

Over the duration of the installation, the direct morning sunlight hitting the box will bleach the green fabric to a much lighter and more yellow hue. Returning viewers will be able to see the difference in color from week to week, and at the end of the project the vinyl will be removed revealing a new iteration of the pattern on the fabric.

Past Projects:

Inspired by the fabric of Savannah’s modern life overlaying it’s historic foundation, Hutchinson combines materials that have been weathered by nature and altered by man to create a continuum of repeated forms and textures that allow past and present, old and new to exist in the same space. Included in this assemblage are objects from the collection of the late, great, Mike Williams, who was the first artist to use this space for public art. The reverence given each material and its thoughtful placement within the greater whole creates a shrine-like atmosphere and breathes new life into the upcycled materials.